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Levels 1-80 guide for new Druids (DRUID GEAR, STATS)

So you want to be a new member in the army of Dal Riata? Well look no further my friend, for this beginners guide to everything Celtic Heroes has you covered!

At this point you should work through the main quest lines, keeping your vitality at at least double your level, with 10points above your level being the maximum for your level.
All other stat points should be allocated into focus, as it increases your energy and skill effect.
Some choose to get rid of the staff, as it does not have boosts good for a Druid, and they completely abandon it.
Abandoning it gives the boost of less weight (more energy),
While keeping it gives the bonus of having slight damage against enemies at lower levels.

You should level up the skills grasping roots, lightening strike, strangling vines, natures touch, and shield of bark.
You should level skills in this order-
Grasping roots- able to root up to 10 levels above you
Strangling vines- max
Lightening strike- max
Natures touch- max
Shield of bark- extra points

When you battle, use this order of skill usage-

And touch as needed

Try to keep a small distance while fighting and recast vines and roots as they start to flash.

Kept unless a 5energy regen pendant (10k) can be afforded

At level thirty,
You will want to start the dusk shadow armor quest line.
The armor gives 5focus per piece, with an overall focus boost of 25points!
You can farm the pieces, buy them, or get them as you level up in areas.
Also try to get your hands on a stinging swarm tome.

At level 60, you have the choice between dark shadow armor and warden armor. The warden armor is better for defensive capabilities, while the dark shadow grants high offensive power (while making shield of bark and natures touch stronger)
If you go with darkshadow armor, it is still reccomended to put a set of warden armor in your banker inside far rag castle, as it is needed to get the meteoritic set later on.

farming for gold becomes simple at level 30. Before then, farming is tough.
Kill the enemies inside dust wither catacombs, killing the guys at the entrance and maybe the cadavers if you kill them quickly.
At level 50, it is reccomended to farm the Connacht. They are not very good gold droppers, but the paymasters and smelters give a nifty amount of gold while the weapons they drop can be sold for 50g to the lock pick merchant in finagle cave.
At level 70, you can start farming the rats in finals cave.
At level 80, it is reccomended to farm the Pirates if they get killed easily.

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