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Re: Hi, need some help!

Regenleif wrote:
rsquier529 wrote:Lol a little late to the party but ive began running a melee build and find the kills quite fast and the playstyle is very fun

Ar the lower levels, I have also found Melee builds to be far superior to caster builds, however 105 seems to be the intersection point where spells overtake totems.

Melee starts with high damage but increases slowly, spells start with low damage but increase quickly.

I have a slightly unique experience. I play my druid with my wife and we only lvl with each other. Her sharpen weapons adds alot to my totem and my autos are hitting for around 6-800 on firebolgs. We are lvl 171 atm. I am lucky enough to have axe hotkeyed as well as focus both lvl 150. I run nats touch. Bark. Lightning strike and double attack. Oh and winds. We wreck shop pretty much everywhere we go but like i said. Not wveryone has thr luxury of a team mate that youve grown with and adapted with since lvl 1.

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