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How to get 5k+ heal help

Hi, I was hoping to get some help on how to get a 5k-6k nature touch heal. Like what type of gear and lux you would need so I can farm or buy and become a better Druid and if you have 5k+ heal would you mind screenshoting your stats or gear please.

Re: How to get 5k+ heal help

Tsunami wrote:It is no troll I've seen in leaderboards Druids healing 5k+ so I decided to create a build on celtic heroes.net and only got up to 4.4k with 2770 focus and 6240 nature ability and was wondering what gear would be better

You will need gear that add direct bonuses to heals - such as Gelebron's natures touch totem, full Doch Gul druid set, silverweb and gelebron touch rings, mordris touch bracers, etc.

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Re: How to get 5k+ heal help

this is a necropost but wait for critical skill hits, in beta someone got a 5.5k breath.
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