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Re: Question for Endgame Druids

Guess it would really depend if you have or use either of those skills with a skull and, what peice of dol g you want to get to replace a peice of edl. But at my level I really don't care about points as much as care about the stats my rings give. So I guess which ever one will benefit you more at the moment and if you still can't decide go with touch or flip a coin.
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Re: Question for Endgame Druids

Depends on what you tend to heal; tank group, kill group, or a mix group (Kill group with tank and Druid). If you heal kill groups and mix groups, I can easily say go for the breath ring, if you heal the main tank a lot, go for the touch ring (as higher touch benefits more then breath). That's my honest opinion, but personally I'd take the breath ring.
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Re: Question for Endgame Druids

I guess I'd use breath. I never wear full edl and mix with occult. With the mix shadow touch skull, edl chest, hrung godly touch skull, and spider rings I have 50 in touch without putting points in it. However, I'm always at 45 points in breath so I'd go for the breath ring. With that being said, I doubt I'd equip either. I use a touch spider ring, shrive skain ring, imperial necro focus+vit ring, and some other skain vit + health ring.
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Re: Question for Endgame Druids

Definitely breath ring here, even just to switch it with spider ring on hotbar
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