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Re: Need druids!

BlackMamba wrote:A lot of tanks can do 6* edls without druids as well (185.195 especially) with just a ranger or two healing. Same with hrungnir, and possibly mord with good enough gear

I think hrung and mord is pushing it. Now you can get by with a solo druid on hrung and mord easy
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Re: Need druids!

BlackMamba wrote:
killstealer wrote:Lol you don't think so? The only thing warriors can do is tank. We can pull aggro, (heals pull massively, DOT does as well. I'm always the one walking a boss) and calm others to reach the same effect. And warriors can't tank anything without us. We can also deal out massive damage with just 1-4 skills. And can make a decent auto build to offset our caster self. Mages can't do that. Yea Rangers can bolas, but we can solo smaller bosses rooting, or make anyone a tank and not need bolas to begin with. Rogues just do tons of dmg. Expose/smoke bomb are very helpful tho. And mages got those lures :)

They say rangers are supposed to be the jack of all trades, but Druids do it all with an alt book and 1 stat build :D

At least say we are OP healers. But we can do it all.

1. No endgame bosses are bolas kills (except maybe 200+edls if your dps is lacking)
2. Warriors can tank bosses without druids. And tanking is not their only role. I have a legit mord kill with my lvl 200 alt warrior...3500+ dmg 10k+ attack works nicely
3. Your dps is the worst of all classes on most bosses, and perhaps 2nd best if lucky on certain types
4. Autoing makes the whole "caster" part less effective. If e lix are enough to cover energy consumption without using sigs, your dps isn't very good
5. Arguable, mages would be better with melee build due to lures and faster wep (for dl wand vs totem at least)
6. Druids are perhaps average at soloing bosses at best. One root evasion means you have to survive for the next 20 secs without dying. Which also means dumping points into bark or wind. I know rogues who can get 12-15k def and solo bosses such as ythair, 5* ring bosses (not the nub otherworld ones), etc. As a mage with sigils and freeze, I can do plat-less solos of most 6* otherworld bosses, blackstone, and dl 5*'s. I can duo aggy with my normal full focus build. You're telling me that druids can do better? I think not

Your number 1 is so nubbish... You obviously don't know what a proteus is :lol:
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Re: Need druids!

Hrun can be tanked without heals.

205/6 Edl and 210/6 Edl, can be tanked without heals by atleast one tank on my server, probably more could also if they bothered to use plat items like he does.
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Re: Need druids!

BlackMamba wrote:
friddoo wrote:
Your number 1 is so nubbish... You obviously don't know what a proteus is :lol:

Killstealer is too low lvl to get to sanctum, therefore his comment on calm/bolas doesn't apply for proteus ;)

Yet you said and I quote "NO endgame bosses are bolas kills"
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Re: Need druids!

Foool wrote:Druids are only really needed for raid bosses and 6* bosses around your level, on anything else theyre easily replaced with plat items. Who needs a druid when you can zerg through pretty much any 5*? #nerfidolscutbosshp #promotebalancedgroups
Wait... I thought druids were a plat item.
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Re: Need druids!

I would like to see what people would say if we all had to use dl at this level lol. Anyways that's not the case and everyone has higher levels, better armor, and gear, which make former endgame bosses like hrung and mord much easier. Druids will always be needed for endgame bosses, and those same endgame bosses go down much more smoothly with adequate Druids who not can only heal and buff but do decent dps. Anyways, who really wants to Zerg/bolas bosses if they don't have to?
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