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Re: Bassie's solo druid build

In my opinion and what I've seen/tested...

An offhand axe with mainhand totem adds more overall damage (if totem is near max) because: a focus off hands adds like an extra 200 damage to skill stat page which is about 100 real damage to a mob, pretty minimal.

An offhand axe with totem can hit for 200-300 or more depending on gear setup. That's real damage not stat page damage. Over the course of a fight, i see more damage from that setup, plus being able to finish off a mob with a 200 point melee hit as opposed to waiting on the DoT to tick or wasting a Lightning on a sliver of health.

Unless it's a 1 star mob that dies quick, a typical fight you're getting 3-6 hits in melee wise, 600-1200 extra damage over the course of a fight as opposed to 100 extra per tick from a focus offhand.

Re: Bassie's solo druid build

tbh i find melee build the most fun, my build may not be the most efficient but i actually enjoy lixing druid since i started melee build. I see being motivated to keep lvling is more important then being efficient then getting bored and demotivated so you stop lvling
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Re: Bassie's solo druid build

I used to use a melee build but after getting into the third level of the tower I found a pure focus (with just enough health to survive an accidental 3-4 4* pulls) full DL dark lightning skull, focus of the mystic and garanak stone bark set to be the quickest build for solo levelling.
For me never use nature's touch...hit the wallet and rely on bark and restos to survive. I hardly need any restos though.
Skills are max bark, max lightning, max storm, vines,other points split in winds and swarm.
Has been the quickest for me by far.
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Re: Bassie's solo druid build

After reading this post i changed my build from roots vines bees strike and touch with just foc and vit to the suggested skills and stats, has increased my lving speed a lot no doubt, defo a helpful guide to me. Cheers bass
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Crom Mage 220 Ronald Mcdonald
Crom Rogue 217 Big Mac
Crom Ranger 170 Large Fries
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Re: Bassie's solo druid build

I took a different approach to designing a combat medic, (fighting druid)

(what a crappo forum, can't even upload a screen shot, a reminder of why I spend so little time here)

... Level 217 RhobDruid on Epona...

Str :: 5/105
Dex :: 5/205
Foc :: 1090/2110
Vit :: 10/360

Health 6150 sigils 4300
Energy 13,664 sigils 5000

Attack :: 2375
Damage :: 512
Defense :: 1410
Armor :: 334 (without bark) 1332 (with bark)

I based the design on the evade wings from Yule 2014 with the 1500 evades.
And use gear that adds armor defense and damage absorbs, like the wings.

Re: Bassie's solo druid build

Solo equipment ::

Full EDL armor
Level 6 Giant Golden Hare
Ascendant Arctic Wings

Hawk Level 190 Triple Set
Of necklace wrist ring all Hawk for more focus adding 320 focus
As well as 100 stat points each, nice gear set, imo.

Shinestone ring of poacher, again for more focus (100)
Mighty Orphie Band, 100 dex and 120 focus and 600 defense lvl 200
Imperial ring swarm, adds plus 9 to bees
Runic ring of secrets, adds 100 focus and 600 health, more evades
Garanak's charm for misc slot, 100 focus 500 health, more evades.

Hope this helps.


Re: Bassie's solo druid build

Ty but sadly i dont have those wings :0.
My build is full caster no auto type.
Vines swarm strike storm wind maxed. swarm
Strike 50
Storm 49
Vines 47
Swarm 40
Wind 40
Touch 15(30)
Got 1.7k+ foc while lixing and 4.8k hp.
Is this good?
im lvl 195 druid . nice to meet u. 8-)

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