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Really Happy With The Druid Enbuffment!

I am sure I'm not alone in thanks for the buffs granted to Druids:

- Instant cast Lightning Strike
- Reduced Energy Costs
- Reduced Damage fluctuation
- Increased Spell Damage
- Lowered Magic Resistances on Leveling Mobs

From these bonuses, I can now solo kill a leveling mob faster than 30 seconds, compared to the full minute it would take preupdate, and with a Heroic Energy Elix my energy also remains substantially high (compared to preupdate, where many Restoration Potions were needed just for energy).

Many thanks OTM for the support to Druids - hopefully these improvements will mitigate the issue of a lack of high level Druids across the servers.
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Re: Really Happy With The Druid Enbuffment!

Foool wrote:
Chronus wrote:I am disappointed that the last tick doesn't do damage anymore on vines. (didn't test on swarm)

Other than this and that energy costs should be reduced a little more, im really happy with the changes :D nice work otm

The energy costs aren't reduced enough to notice a difference unfortunately
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