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Re: Best solo druid build? 175+


That's your build. Remaining points go to other skills you may find useful ( Sanctuary, Bless, Abundance, Swarm -- fill in the gap )

Priority Stats:

Skill Bonuses
Nature Magic

I find this combo works extremely well if you have around 100 energy regen per tick from lux ( I currently have lvl 100 off hand from carrow, lvl 90 dynamic perceptor pendant, arachnus ring of evasion )

I have 1125 FOCUS and 440 VITALITY but I am only lvl 165 so this may not apply for you :)

I know it sounds silly but make a build based off of the gear you have .. i mean it's awesome to have the ideal build in mind but without the correct gear you can't always do what everyone recommends.

Maximize on what you do best and have the most of. I personally love storm touch. I have this ability 40/35 plus use the ANCIENT BEASTBONE LEGGINGS and I do upwards of 3-4k damage a hit and crit as high as 6-8k ( NO LURES NEEDED )

Re: Best solo druid build? 175+

Mickey wrote:If you’re solo leveling you should think about dropping Touch down to level 1 so it’s uninterruptible, and then you can throw those points into bees.

This. People so underestimate the ability to heal with zero interruptions. I run my touch at 1 get 500 hp healed at level 178. With the occasional critical heal for 900+. I use a tier 4 level 5 (160) rabbit that gives me more than enough healing powers with the bonus energy heal.
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Re: Best solo druid build? 175+

Blaryn Dew wrote:I'm 207 and still howling wind/skills build and I solo fine. Getting anywhere from .5-.8 per lix

Boiiii share the build n stuff...mine is 202 and struggles to get 1-2 bars a lix but than again I don’t like lvling
Druid (somewhere between 191-235)
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Re: Best solo druid build? 175+

Krios wrote:At Lvl. 223 my Build is;

1. Strike
2. Swarm
3. Vines
4. Storm
5. Harvest
6. Touch
7. Roots

(All maxed)

+ Eagle Pet and Elk Skill

Wait. Someone actually uses harvest? If hero energy lix isn’t good enough to keep up with your energy consumption, you should really invest in sigils and a good kite.
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