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Druid Pvp Ranks

So I read a thread for mages like this and couldn't find a druid one so I made my own. please post your RANK(not your rating: (feeble, devestating, invincible, etc.)). I will constantly update this thread.
0 Hermit
1 Acolyte
2 Robe Bearer
3 Cup Bearer
4 Staff Bearer
5 Pilgrim
6 Priest/Priestess
7 Seeker
8 Rainwalker
9 Soothsayer(Regenlief)
10 Envoy(Godzilla)
11 Grovewalker(Readysworder)
12 Emissary
13 Gladewalker
14 Treesinger
15 Sage
16 Windbringer
17 Thorncaller
18 Seer
19 Thunderer
20 Lorekeeper
21 Elder
22 Stormbringer
23 Prophet/Prophetess
24 DOracle
25 Earth Father/Earth Mother
26 Heirophant/High Priestess
27 Mystic
28 Tempest
29 Ascended
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World of Epona
Level 66Druid

Invincible Grovewalker

Re: Druid Pvp Ranks


Im kidding, im actually just an Envoy
181 Druid
166 Rouge

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Re: Druid Pvp Ranks

Twizztedhealz wrote:How do u get your rank up? I've never been much of a Pvp player, so im Prob around robe bearer.

You win pvp matches which would require more than 3k health.

I tend to be our rogues test dummy when changing builds so my pvp ranking sucks. But pvp has never interested me.
Zyz 220 Druid
Noah Fences 220 Rogue

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