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"Guide"How To Solo Bosses w/Druid

HI There! My Name is James, And today i would like to share how us druids can infact be one of the most impressive classes in the game. some of us experienced druids may already know how to do what i am about to explain, but for those of us that are just beginning our journey as druids this could be very exiting! i will be going over the fallowing subjects that you will need to master to be a successful soloing druid:) And these are:

OK... To start of, Build
This one is very very and i will say again very simple, Half Vit and Half Focus:) simple right? i have done many of my bosses with this build and it works out perfectly.

Next we have Probably my favorite part: Skills
I am going to throw a list of skils, there importance, and explain what they do and how to upgrade them:)
-1-Grasping Roots(GR)
-2-Natures Touch(NT)
-3-Shield of Bark(SOB)
-4-Strangling Vines(SV)
-5-Stinging Swarm(SS) :) rogues lol
-6-Lightning Strike(LS)

-1-Grasping Roots
This skill is essential in the boss fight. A skill that if left out will make it impossible to get the job done.
although it is a absolute essential we can have a exeption of not "maxing" it...... for example if you as a druid are planing on only soloing in OtherWorld(OW) then you are safe at keeping the skill to the rooting lvl of 150 while of course if you plan on killing bigger bosses you can pick it up a notch. point is, have the skill set to the lvl bosses you will be hunting, no point of wasting skill points on not needed rooting lvls. now there is a small chance the skill will be evaded..... make sure you will have some pots on you just incase this happens so that there will be a quick alternative to the incoming damage..... natures touch will also be helpful but have a 50/50% chance of being interrupted by the bosses attacks. keep yourselves alive at all costs untill you can re root the boss and then continue with the damaging.

-2-Natues Touch
NT is infact the second most essential skill . some bosses that have AOE(Area of Effect) skills which basically ignore the fact that the boss is rooted and decide to still do damage to you can be very very harmful and we need a very quick way to retaliate and keep ourselves alive because if we die the boss will reset. This skill has got to be maxed! no matter what other people say, in a soloing situation a extra 300 heal can be a matter of getting your boss kill or a reset:/

-3-Shield Of Bark
I maxed my shield of bark and amaze some warriors on how much of a armor boost i give them. when my SOB(shield of bark) is maxed 35/35 i can add a staggering 650 armor boost! now that is the armor boost of the new warrior DL offhand x2 +50:) insane right!? this skill will transform any toon into a tank and is the reason i can kill some people in a duel hehe:) i would suggest to max this skill.

The last 3 skills are self explanatory skills and in my opinion are to be chosen by the druid which one to max and which one to not

-4-Strangling Vines
This skill is a DOT skill (damage over time)
This skill should be on the mob at all times.

-5-Stinging Swarm
This skill is a DOT skill (damage over time)
This skill should be on the mob at all times.

-6-Lightning Strike
This skill is basically the same damage as the mage "Fire Bolt" but around 30-42% as deadly as in if fire bolt hit 100 our lightning strike would hit, maybe 30-42.
i have this skill endgame maxed(/50/50) and it packs quite the punch to the boss. i recommend upgrading it significantly

first off, many bosses may have adds(little minions of the boss,protectors,guards,Etc). make sure those are all down before you even start the boss.
then i do the fallowing steps
-1-Bark <-------------------- Make Sure to Refresh this skill whenever it begins to blink
-2-Root him <-------------------- Make Sure to Refresh this skill whenever it begins to blink
-3-Vines <-------------------- Make Sure to Refresh this skill whenever it begins to blink
-4-Swarm <-------------------- Make Sure to Refresh this skill whenever it begins to blink
Then strike whenever it refreshes and heal whenever needed.
As i said before if the boss ever breaks loose make sure to have a few extra pots on you to have a quick heal and re root ASAP

-Best Armour you can get lol. i wouldn't try soloing any big bosses before full frozen. quest Armour gives chaos resistance which is needed for almost all major bosses. this section is fcorse flexible, EX: i use a radiant Earth stone Helm for the extra health boost alongside with my set of ancient bone armor rather than the full set of ancient bone.
-I suggest using the best focus offhand ex: Master Grimour,Focus of The Seer,Focus of The Mystic. focus boosts your heal,bark,damage, pretty much any skill that uses the focus stat. These offhands also regen energy:)
-Mainhand i would prefer a aggy book(best you can get) health aggy books and natures magic books are preferable and fcorse the best lvl of that book which go in the fallowing order: Dark(110Req)>Shadow(130Req)>Void(150 Req)
if these books are imposible for you to get any item that gives focus would be helpfull(such as from shop you can buy mainhand icons....

-Any ring that upgrades the skills above are helpfull(you should obviously try to get the best ones and try to get the more important skill rings, i do not recomens on using the regen rings as they take up slots for skill rings that can be much much more helpfull.
-Bracelets are more or less up to you..... i have a aggy bracelet which upgrades my lightning strike by +5 and a bracelet of souls for energy regen.whatever you can get your hands on is what you should use..... i would recommend having atleest one energy bracelet as you will eat alot of energy threw out the entire battle.
-Any ammy you can get your hands on...... i have the 50 energy regen and 100 focus ammy. if you can get this i would highly recommend using it.
-Charm, i have a Golden Camouflage Charm in that slot(which is a little difficult to obtain) otherwise i would use any charm that is helpfull in any sort of way..... focus preferably

-Get many energy sigils( i have around 400) you will be standing there looking at your boss the during this time your sigils can kick in and regen your energy.
-Duel Logging, If possible duel log a alt and take him to the boss so that if for any reason you die the boss will run over to the alt and give you time to idol before the boss resets.
-practice, you have the basics down but even a genius with no experience or practice is a soldier without a weapon.
-Health and Energy Lix would be helpfull in many cases(energy specially if you don't have energy sigils)

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Re: "Guide"How To Solo Bosses

I agree with most of this, but i go a little different route than you. I usually dual log my ranger for bolas/roots combo. But I can solo some bosses on my druid.

- Roots is a must. However, it's only really useful on bosses that do not have a ranged attack. It is very hard to kill bosses that are ranged such as Redbane, Coppinger, Rockbelly, Shivercowl, etc. Know your limits before you start a boss.

- Instead of bark, I use howling wind. it might seem redundant when using roots, but sometimes the boss evades roots. Not only does howling wind help you dodge autos to keep you from damage, but it also keeps the boss from interrupting your skills. This way, you can recast roots with ease. Adding some dex will also help. I use the Spiritseed jewelry set which adds 300 dex, and equals 800 defense without me having to put any points into it.

- I usually don't use Stinging Swarm, because it uses a lot of energy, and in my experience gets evaded way too often. I do less damage without it, but I keep more energy throughout the fight. it's just a personal preference for me.

- Evasion skills are important too, especially for bosses with ranged attacks. I would suggest maxing them and adding bless. I haven't actually tested this though because I'm too lazy to max my evasions :P

Everything else looks just like how I would solo stuff. Good job on the guide!

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