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Re: GhostLord's Guide to Druid Leveling

Skyler14SCHS wrote:2 vit 3 focus is meh ive leveled druid from 1-120 solo so far no groups off 4 focus 1 vit

Does howl wind really use dex?!?!? :0 never checked

Other that i would say roots vines lightning swarm nt ( embrace or swarm) or if want more dps do like to did add storm touch for awhile worked on ghosts trees got 3-4 bars an elix normally

Howl wind vines lightning bark roots nt storm touch

Depends on gear kinda or build for diff builds just experiement til u find the build that best suits you( sometimes it helpe to switch depending on mobs)
Gtg if on danu just ask me can help you get good build

I dont believe hw uses dex but since it lowers attack of mob dex helps make em miss

Re: GhostLord's Guide to Druid Leveling

One thing that I've found useful on my druid is using the Frostiron totem for extra melee damage and an offhand axe. I've always gone a little unorthodox with my builds though.

On my druid, currently 123, I use Grand Frost totem with added vines skill and ice spell, Fiery Axe of Triumph, Hero Gloves with pure DPS rings, HW event bracers (wanting Aggy Lightning strike) with a Grand Swarm Ring, Greater/Mystic Lightning spider rings and a grand Vines ring.

The reason I opted for an axe offhand was for the extra melee damage in between spells and DoT. I didn't see a huge increase in equipping an offhand focus item, and with the axe I'm getting melee hits for 150-300 points per hit depending on how many stars. To me, this extra damage is more valuable then a little bit more skill damage, reason being that if you have an evade from that DoT, you're missing out on that damage until recast is done.

With the new hotbar setup, you can always equip focus offhand when casting spells and switch to melee offhand for DPS in between. Being able to have a set up for support and DPS is the easiest way for me to switch back and forth as to not have to re-alt every time.

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