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Dps druid,dumb idea or a new dps class?

So you know guys in many MMOS there is a monk class who can heal and also dps,divine monk and a martial monk,the only difference between martial monk and a dps druid is that druid deals a magic ranged dmg mainly,so I want to ask you something,can druid be a good dps?Because I think OTM not going to add a new dps class anytime soon...it's just I want your opinions guys,can a druid be a dps or not?

Re: Dps druid,dumb idea or a new dps class?

The thing with druids is that they are excellent long-term dps, but terrible short-term dps. Druid usually get long boss kills, however rarely get mob kills.

Please reply if that does not make sense for a full mechanic explanation.
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