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Re: Totem,Staff, or Cane of Bats

Staff is 2h and prevents equipping an offhand like the masters grimiore, which cripples your possible energy regen.
Cane has no stats like the diamond icon does, which adds 200 nature magic and probably hits harder per auto attack round. I have literally 5 str and can do 80 dmg per swing. My totem skill is only 80% max.

Edit: there is a good reason every druid you see is holding either an animal totem, or an otherworld icon. (Or an aggy mainhand book.)

Re: Totem,Staff, or Cane of Bats

First off, it's really only between Frozen totem and the Diamond Icon. The grand cane of bats is just for looks.

For DPS:
Frozen Totem is only good for DPS because of the proc on bosses, but most druids are either mostly support or full support on those. Diamond Icon hits better all around, as well as the 200+ nature magic, which will help out on your lightning strike, as well as your storm's touch.

For support:
Support the Diamond Icon is a lot better. It has 200+ nature magic which will increase your nature's touch, nature's breath, your abundance, and your nature's embrace. The only thing that your Frozen totem is going to do for support is going to add a little bit of energy, which does not really do much.

So overall, I would have to say the Diamond Icon is the best.

But it's for you to decide, and yoou can also play around with it a bit and see which suits you the best.
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