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Re: DPS Druid

Druidic wrote:I'll make this as concise as possible.

Please do not go into long detail about this, just give the most general answer possible.

What are the ideal stats for DPS Druid(Strength, Vitality, Focus, Dexterity)

Sounds like you want someone to think for you...

We give advice here not tell you how to play your game so asking for ideal stats isnt the smartest thing.
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Re: DPS Druid

Many Support druids will invest in enough vitality, either through gear or stat points to get about 1000-1200 hps. The rest goes into focus.

A DPS druid will diverge from this, being built vaguely similar to a rogue. You'll need substantially more vitality, due to your close proximity to the enemy, and being subject to splash damage. Unless you like burning idols. If you expect to do any melee damage (integral to DPS druid builds) you'll need a handful of strength, and a fair amount of dex. You need as much focus as you can muster without sacrificing much vitality.

I'll leave the actual numbers up to you, but I'd do something maybe like:

20% str
20% dex
25% vit
35% focus

That's just one opinion, I personally have never considered a DPS build, I'm support all the way. I concede I could be way off base, but that's probably what I'd do, and prepare for the possibility of a rebirth book :)

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