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Re: Silverleaf set... Is it worth it?

I have a pretty much an identical system, Tea.

Although it takes some time, I do whisper to people who spam trade/friend requests, or ask for things. I explain that it isn't the best way to go about things, and is generally frowned upon. Some get it. Others simply don't. I can only assume that they are very young.

I'll admit that depending on my mood and how much online time I have my reaction will be different. If I am only playing for 30 mins, I just hit cancel and move along, but I do hope that the people I have talked to have changed a bit.

I've been trying to work on my benevolence by giving away low level necklaces and armour pieces, and randomly buffing the littl'uns. This is mostly because I have been in Lir's a lot waiting for dragons, am entirely bored of fighting eyes, and felt I was becoming a tad too jaded. Gotta work on yer faults...

I have the utmost respect for people like FourTwenty here, or another new player/forum user Mariner. People who are only asking for advice and guidance and nothing more. For these sorts of people I will give as much time as they wish, and will toss in something if I can.

I agree with you, good sir, that we do have a responsibility. Sometimes, however, it is just like a skipping record.
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Re: Silverleaf set... Is it worth it?

Dersu wrote:@Four - Glad to hear that you didn't get antsy and buy from the vendor :) Yes, player purchases are the best way to keep your expenses low. As Tea mentioned, know your prices and don't overpay. One thing you could do to help in this is to write down the vendor prices of the Ancient armour... then you know that you should be paying less than that.

Just a little info as to why Kass and I suggested getting your totem: basically, your Druid goal is to have the one handed totem, and a decent off hand. You will rarely see a high level Druid using a staff, and even then he/she is probably just training it. These off hand items add to your stats/replenish your energy/give you extra damage depending on the item. You will need to save a lot more to buy one, but the last thing you want is to be a higher level Druid with your totem ability at 0/800. Getting the totem and ability now was an excellent choice/opportunity. I was level 30 when I had enough cash for a totem/got to Stonevale, so I had to train it for 300 points.

Once I got my totem, I used a small shield to give me some armour (banded targ, I think it was called, and it dropped in DC). Using a shield is a bit of a catch 22... it increases your armour (so you will take a little less damage) but the weight of the shield reduces the amount of energy you have for skills. It's a personal decision.

Read through the Druid forum posts, and ask any questions you have. There are a lot of experienced players here, with different builds and advice. Welcome to the Nobel Class :D (Oh, and what world are you on? If Herne, you can have the Silverleaf shirt I got yesterday, and I probably have an energy pendant you can have as well).

@Kass - Thanks for the shout out. It means a lot, considering you were my first in-depth Druid teacher :D Remember when you talked me out of buying that 20k offhand orb? I would still have that in my inventory if I bought it. lol.

@howard - I guess Ancient depends on the player. I liked it a lot. It adds some good resists, and is very good while waiting for Warden. I agree with you that he should save up for a regen item.

@Tea - Ya know, that is a solid bit of advice re: letting people know he isn't begging. And yes, I am generally a jaded Druid now. I was giving away necklaces to under 20s the other day, and they started asking for better ones. :roll:

hmmm maybe i should go buy one today? i mean i saw some people who said they used woven silverleaf and then got to warden.... nah ancient silk top looks cool but its the half price of a dragon disc so nvm.
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Re: Silverleaf set... Is it worth it?

Other worlds may be different but generally I always look at buying anything half price from what it sells for in store. So if u can buy a silverleaf shirt for 4k, then I expect to pay 2k for it off a player. And if the person I ask says 3k or some rediculous price then I simply say nty and move on until someone is willing to sell me for that price. I was able to find an entire ancient lamellar set for around 20k so if u wait and look hard enough you can get a good deal. Plus once you outgrow your silverleaf set or ancient set u can resell that same set for what u paid, or higher if it was a really good deal, and not have lost any money. So u are familiar with pricing woven silverleaf shirt should sell around 2k or lower, woven silverleaf pants around 1.5k or lower, helm 1k or lower, gloves and boots around 500 each or lower so total maybe 5k or so. And as for ancient it is a bit more pricey but it will be well worth your gold as you will be wearing it for a long time. My suggestion is just buy the ancient silk shirt and pants because the dragon discs u have to obtain for warden chest is no easy task (but easier now then what it used to be). Don't worry about gloves or boots or hat as those items are fairly easy to obtain from warden quests. So your optimal gear would be woven silverleaf gloves, boots and helm and ancient silk chest and grieves. And that should be what u would wear til u can obtain warden gear. Also heads up for ancient silk, in store chest sells for 20k and pants sell for 15k/16k?, expect to pay 10k for chest and 7-8k for pants.
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Re: Silverleaf set... Is it worth it?

silverleaf: definition:crap armour
woven or ancient silk is a lot better, or if you are rich enough, save up for a energy rgn like me ;) i suggest save up 25k for a energy regen. people will be like" oh god that druid is rich and successfull" "oh lord hes a rich guy" "oh man he musv been smart to save up". thats how so many great warrior tanks are my friends ;)

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Re: Silverleaf set... Is it worth it?

howardisawesome wrote:Get the wovem silverleaf from people. Silverleaf sucks.
The. Save up for a energy regen or warden armour.
A lvl 15 hav 15k 0.0 never seen someone that successful, maybe
Some plat spenders lol. But get wovem and then get warden. Anciebt
Armour is not worth it

If you try doing early stage quests, like stonebearers, your going to which you had achient silk with you, and then when you are able to get wardens, (Takes a while.) Then sell it and it helps to get wardens.
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Re: Silverleaf set... Is it worth it?

ok i hav 29k. baraa wants to sell me a silver regen for 35k and i want to get a golden focus. i kinda feel good having 29k cause thats the price i got for my old energy regen wich was gone in a scam.. sorry for going off topic.
but maybe i should save up for diamond. thanks for the suggestions
Not playing celtic heroes anymore
Even though I quit, nobody is getting anything.

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