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Re: Is End Game Healer fun?

Gravity wrote:I wanted to try a caster i love healer in WoW and wondered if the healer is challenging and fun?

First, be very careful when comparing this game to other games lol.
Second, getting Druid (the only healer) to EG takes a long time and is more annoying and time consuming then challenging, but at EG from what I here it isn't too hard to play.

Re: Is End Game Healer fun?

This will greatly depend on the server/clan you are in. Some servers have 10+ support druids at bosses, so being a support druid is rather boring since the tank is virtually always at maximum health. Others have just 1-2 support druids (either through lack of druids or prevalence of FFA) and require spamming/timing heals and buffs. The later is where your skill actually plays a critical role.

The latest boss, Dhiothu, has a "maximum" player limit of 27, so the number of support druids is minimized to maximize the number of DPS characters. If others have already claimed the support druid roles though then you may get stuck as DPS... Again, entirely dependent on the server and clan.

I find the support druid role to be my favorite part of the game, but over the years the necessity of support druids has fallen dramatically. Check out the individual server forums and/or reach out to players to gauge how your experience would be.
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