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Spiritseed or Shrive Set

So I'm currently solo lvling a druid and I've been wondering whether to go for a spiritseed set for that 200 focus bonus or shrive set for the 1000 nature magic ability bonus once I hit 200. I've currently added enough vit points until I hit 5k hp n rest in focus so I dont think I've hit that plateau yet.
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Re: Spiritseed or Shrive Set

Shrive set is better with a garanak ring, Skain ammy and misc for most focus gain but in my opinion it’s much better if you use an Imperial Agrestal ammy (200 focus / 120 vit +640 nature magic) royal Silverweb charm of earth (120 focus +8 vines / Ls)
And a Corruption ring (50/50 focus/vit 500 nature magic lowest tier)

Re: Spiritseed or Shrive Set

The 200 focus and 1000 nature ability is pretty much parallel to each other in terms of impact except the 200 focus gives a nice boost to energy. If you're primarily leveling, the spirit set is nice (specially if you're using winds) because the added dex on the spirit set that gives a defense boost. You really can't go wrong with either set though for general purposes. The shrive will be a better set in the long run though.
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