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Staves are In need of a buff or a rework

Hi, I am a lvl220 druid from Lugh. I am currently a DPS auto build , but I am trying to find ways to use a staff because I like the staff end game concept. Let me talk about how I like that the staff gives 2 stats instead of one and has extra crush damage. Unfortunately the latest staff you can get is lvl 200 and the stats are 700 staff and 700 natures magic as well as 145 crush.

This sadly is not enough stats to out dps a totem with a dagger. Even if it’s not supposed to out dps a totem, take it in a different direction and add more stat points to staves to at least give it a competing chance by giving it more dps and additional nature’s magic. I would hopefully love to see what Celtic heroes can bring to end game staff users. Either with a staff rework or the next major boss dropping a staff that’s viable.
I would like to get others take on this, because I know there are a lot of play styles in a mmorpg.

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