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Re: What's best skain/garanak set for endgame Druid?

I agree that shrive is the "best" set, however disagree on the ring choice: I would definitely use the Skain ring over the Garanak, except on the sole condition that you maintain 10 base vit (all your vit/hp comes from gear, all stat points dumped into Focus) and you are already at/above your desired HP level.

Otherwise, you can just subsidize your vit, and get an extra 45 stat points:

With Gara Ring (+100 foc):
Foc: 500 (600)
Vit: 500

With Skain Ring (+145 vit):
Foc: 645
Vit: 355 (500)

Same Vit, more Foc with Skain ring. If the extra 50 defense from the gara ring (300 gara vs 250 skain), 25 point in dex would supplement.
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