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Re: Most Populated Server


As epona is the only “open” server, due to demand supply it has the highest active population by far.
The “leaders” of that server have done a great job over the years at preserving an open system and as such have been rewarded I like to argue with a influx of good EG players looking for such a world.

It’s nice to see good leadership and development pay off!
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Re: Most Populated Server

Epona. It stands out from the other servers with its unique rolling system, it has a good economy and that's why a lot of people are playing there. If I were to quit my own server and xfer to another, I'd probably go to Epona.
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Re: Most Populated Server

Yes Epona by far. Taranis has a lot of people too I heard but I also heard that it’s mostly low levels. Epona has a large amount of players for each area of the game. I moved there because of the huge player base, unique loot distribution, amazing economy, and free market. I don’t regret it

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