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Re: Cannot connect to server

Hey just an FYI: not all of us use every third party app under the sun for updates on the game status. Forums should be FIRST place with updates - not discord.
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Re: Cannot connect to server

Difinitus wrote:Edit: The team is reporting the issue as resolved, however I have created a stickied thread in Bug Reports for those who may still be experiencing this problem.

If you are still experiencing trouble logging in, please reply to the above thread so our team can identify any undiscovered issues.


Not sure if this is due to the fix that resolved the connection error, but starting around 9:45 PM EST (10 minutes after your forum post that it was resolved) some in my clan started reporting the game acting wonky in our clan's fun chat.
One clanny reported that his toon "Like will stop moving randomly, input lag, and the occasional mob health bar refilling." Other clannies reported seeing the same thing. Upon logging in for BT I got glitched while killing a vine for some more pots. (i was frozen outside of the world, wasn't able to move, the animations for my autos no longer happened, and i had to restart the app to get out of the glitch).

Not sure if these are just coincidental glitches unrelated to the fix or possible server side effects. Is anyone else experiencing any weird server glitches as well?

Thanks again for fixing the connection issue though!!!
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