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Re: Daily log in rewards.

rameyrat wrote:
bob the mage wrote:
Eragon123 wrote:I find that the potions and elixirs are actually pretty nice to use at boss fights. Not uber helpful obviously, but any buff is a good buff - especially if trying to solo/small group a trickier boss.

I do agree that most of the daily rewards aren’t amazingly good...but I think of it as the rewards are there for the newer players. Midgame and endgame players usually have enough gold to be able to buy consumables...new players don’t, so getting some buffs are always nice.

Something a few of us suggested back in the beta when this was to be introduced pushed for the idea of tiered daily log in rewards based off level range. One for low tier (1-100) another for mid game (100-180) and another for EG (180-240) so that way the daily rewards reflected different level ranges and could be targeted in a way where a 230 player doesn’t end up with 100 no trade leystone fragments.
I can’t remember exactly what the devs said, if anything, on this, but I wonder if it would be worth revisiting the idea.
Because I agree the current system works really well for lower levels (besides a lack of sigils :geek: if you can’t tell... I’m a real sigils addict), but it could be nifty to see something done for EG retention as well.

This would be perfect! I wonder why they chose not to go with that suggestion since it makes perfect sense.

I like this actually, and could even see 3-4 tiers rather than just 2, but then again, gotta be careful (don't wanna nerf the lower ones too much, don't wanna overkill the upper ones (28 items is a bunch lol), but one way to get around that would be to shorten it I guess (2 weeks instead of 4 or example).

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