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Winter Drawing Requests

Hey guys!
I really enjoyed taking drawing requests last time, so I wanted to say that I will be taking more requests! This time, though, since I figured out how to draw snow, I would love some winter-themed requests!
I take requests completely free, so no payment is required. If you have a request, here is how to do that:

PM me and send a screenshot of what you want me to draw (toons, pets, mounts... anything you want; just keep in mind the more complicated the request the longer it will take to finish). I will need pictures of the front, back, and sides, if available. And just so that I can get the big picture of what you want, please fill out this form:

Name of subject: (what is it you want me to draw?)
Pose: (is there a specific pose or position you want the subject to be in?)
Color/effects: (is there anything you want me to change color-wise about the subject? If there are effects on the item do you want me to keep them?)
Background: (If you want a background, please give the details... and if there is a specific background you want that’s not in the screenshot, please send me that as well)
Extra Notes: (anything else you want to point out about your request? Anything else you want me to add?)

And there are some preferences I have in the requests:
Please keep the main subject of the request CH-themed.
No inappropriate/offensive content will even be considered in a request.
Please be patient when waiting for your drawing to be completed.
Please be clear in what you want when giving me your request.

All drawings will be posted in the Fan Art section of the forums. If you don’t want a drawing to be posted there please say so and I will respect your decision.
I will also be posting the status of the drawings on this thread to keep everyone updated. :D

Thank you all and stay warm this winter!

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