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Re: Is it even worth

In my opinion. Yes.

It's worth it because this game has unique social aspects. Each server has its own little community and their own rules, economy, clans and what not. To kill the bigger bosses you basically rely on teamwork and because of that it allows you to bond better with other players. Even if there's not as much to at times, the players make it worth your time.
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Re: Is it even worth

LogicalSyntaxError wrote:
Eragon123 wrote:
LogicalSyntaxError wrote:No bs no bias opinions is it even worth to play this game new rn? without being a plat buyer too. Will this game still be around in a year or 2? is it worth to dedicate lots of time to play or should i play other game if so which


Well, first off...you are getting my biased opinion (because I am a player) and it may or may not seem like bs to you (but that's your fault/opinion not mine) so here goes!

I don't think you need to be a plat buyer to progress in the game. It has the same trade-off that most games do....it saves you a lot of time and effort if you buy plat, but the game can still be played and enjoyed without spending any money at all...it just means there will be a lot of farming if you want to be decked out in gear.

My opinion is that the game isn't going anywhere. It still has a pretty good playerbase with a lot of mostly-loyal players, VR seems set on progressing the game farther and continually updating it, and it wouldn't make any business sense for them to take it up and then close it down right away.

That being said, the playerbase hasn't really had a good chance to see what VR can do. Since they took over last year, all that's been done is upgrading the engine and minor content updates. They do seem to be edging the game more towards an asian feel with the phoenixes and tigers (and the new UI they considered implementing)...but that's just my personal opinion based on the minor content that has been released. We as players won't really know where VR wants to take the game until they release a major update with some big changes (which is looking like it may be around April-May).

Whether it's worth dedicating time to is entirely in your opinion. Do you like MMOs? Do you like growing your character? Trying different skills out? Fighting mobs? Hanging out with other neat people online? Doing boss raids? Fighting other clans for bosses? Then yeah you might enjoy it. There are definitely downsides to the game...a very high level cap means a lot of grinding to get to endgame. Slower boss spawns and low drop rates means that gearing can be slow for certain classes. However, there are issues with any MMO.

I can't tell if it's worth it because I don't know what you value. The only way to find out is to play it for a while.

thx 4 the lengthy message. Me and 2 friends are gonna start playing today! were all going to be a druid and rule the world!

which server has the lowest amount of players??? thats where were going! :) we need to find out the smallest populated one

which server did you pick? im on belenus server and need leveling buddies
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