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VPN for gaming

Was reading a different forum for a different game and some people was using a vpn to get a better ping despite it being illegal for this other game. I didn't even know a VPN could make a game lag less. So I'm thinking could one be used for CH until the lag was completely fixed? I'm not even sure if it's against TOS or anything, can't see why it would be but it is for this other game so..

Also, would they only work if it's a server problem or can it be good for anything that's disrupting the connection? So like I live on a busy main road and I'm convinced it's ruining my wifi due to all other air waves like car radios or whatever.

Re: VPN for gaming

Using a VPN is not against our Terms of Service, and it *may* improve your lag if your issue is network related. AFAIK, most people using VPN are trying to access something they can't normally from their location (either workplace, or region, etc) or trying to protect their data.

Those of my friends who were trying to reduce lag for gaming used a service called Battleping. You could try their free trial to see if it improves your play experience, but if your connection is already stable at home and have an optimal route to our servers, I don't think you will see much of a performance.

PC Gamer actually did an article recently about some of the better VPNs for gaming on, so I will link it to you: https://www.pcgamer.com/best-vpn-for-pc-gaming/

Re: VPN for gaming

Well my connection to your servers are good, I lag as much as I expect to with having such an old device which really isn't that much. One question I got that that article doesn't explain. Like i said I live on a busy main road an I think that makes my connection pretty bad, unless I'm in the same room as the router. So will using a vpn give me a better connection when I'm in other rooms?

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