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Which Mount and Pet is best?

Haven’t played the game for a few years, looking to get back into it though! What is the best Mount and Pet for ranger or just in general? I think ppl were saying the dragon is the way to go, but expensive. I’m also looking to use the pet and a mount while leveling is that a good idea? Also last question, what is a rough guesstimate of the prices per mount token and drag eggs and such (I know they vary with price/server but just a rough guess if you can) thxs guys :)

Re: Which Mount and Pet is best

I think bear mount is best, has a damage blocker ability which is very useful in a pinch for either soloing, raiding, or even dueling.

Edit: also, this may be better served in the help, or general discussion section. This section is for feedback and suggestions, and doesn't have as much foot traffic as the other sections. A mod might move your post, and then you'll probably get some good answers.

Re: Which Mount and Pet is best?

Bear mounts are nice. Wolf mounts work pretty well for rangers specifically. Pet-wise, if you want the heals, try a chicken. If you want damage, spiders or wolves can be pretty good. Dragons are probably the best pets for dps....but only if you have millions of gold to spare on them.

Leveling with a pet is a great idea. Leveling with a mount works....but if you die, the mount goes on cooldown for an hour, or unless you use a mount whistle (plat only item) or return to the castle and pay 100g, which will probably interupt your leveling. I personally wouldn’t recommend equipping your mount while leveling, especially if it’s your only speed boost.

Cost-wise, I think most dragon eggs tend to go for 2-4mil, and mount and pet tokens usually go for 40-60k ea I think. Pet tokens are usually cheaper. Of course, the prices vary from server to server, as well as seller to seller. You might find someone on a server selling a dragon egg for 3.5mil, but someone else on the same server who’d be willing to part with it for 2.75.

Like Tyrant said, for future reference, the feedback and suggestions forum isn’t really the right place for this type of topic. Ask for Help is usually the better place if you’re uh....asking for, ya know, help with something :? Ranger forum might have been a good option too, based on your first question, but since you are asking some more general questions as well it’s not really necessary.
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Re: Which Mount and Pet is best?

Furyion wrote:Id use a phoenix on every class and build.

Id go for a bear if I was leveling, dueling, or tanking, but a wolf/elk for dps on melee/caster.

I have a t6 Phoenix and t6 Dragon. I prefer dragon on most things. The only time I use Phoenix is for PvP or if we have no tank. Same with on my ranger. It's be far the best DPS pet for an individual.
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Re: Which Mount and Pet is best?

Kubota13 wrote:Thanks for all your help guys! And another thing, does it make that much of a difference in endgame if I choose a max tier 1 wolf over a max tier 4 wolf?

Yes, it is a pretty noticeable difference. The exact numbers elude me and it isn't a 1:1 ratio on cost vs performance, but it is worth it in my opinion.

Re: Which Mount and Pet is best?

Answer: it depends
There is no one ultimate pet for overall game play. The rabbit may be the closest we get to that, and I wouldn’t even go that far personally.

Each role has its own best pet and mount combo.
And this gets further specialized by what others are using, gear, play style, etc...

This thread is unfortunately just too open, maybe if you specify like, best mount and pet for a DPS war for example (caustic Phoenix and tiger usually) or best for a DPS mage (dragon of corresponding element and elk).
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