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Re: Coolest name ideas?

Eragon123 wrote:My first few character names were all based off of book or other game characters (I was going through a massive Runescape phase when I first started CH lol). But my newer characters have had slightly better names. My warrior's name is SirPrysing, and my druid's name is SirRenitee ;)

Your warrior ought to be a rogue, hahaha. I'm a big fan of SirRenitee though (surprising is good I just prefer serenity).

I also was a fan of using other character names, but I find that the best names are (cool), awe inspiring or slightly intimidating and puns (or just have a double meaning where both make sens). Brutal, savage names only work imo if they also inspire power or are awe inspiring.

One name I liked was WinterKing, but Durst Andreas, which I play right now, I just wanted him to have regular type of name as he is a regular guy for now. With a nice ring to it of course. :)

Re: Coolest name ideas?

Some ideas I’ve had are
AndAllThatJazz (an inside joke me and my family have)
Archangel (prob would be a mage with wings lol)
Highland Lassie
Pickpocketses (spelled as Sméagol would say it :D)

I had other ideas but I can’t remember them :lol: Hopefully one day when I’m not a noob anymore I’ll use some of these.

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Re: Coolest name ideas?

Prince Lelouch vi Britannia a.k.a Lelouch Lamperogue from anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.
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Re: Coolest name ideas?

My mage 'Icewallow' is probably my most creative and the name I'm most proud of, but I also have a druid named 'Tairy Hesticles' (a classic).

Simple, yet effective.
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Re: Coolest name ideas?

Armo wrote:My PvP ice mage: IcyDeadPeople

Sockthief wrote:Sockthief is by far the best name, And anyone who says different is going to be missing some socks soon.

:lol: Awesome you both. I’ve seen you, Sockthief, a few times on Danu. I always laugh when I see that name.

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