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Thank You to The Administration of Celtic Heroes.

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Hello let me start by introducing myself for those who do not know me. In Celtic Heroes, I am known as DrGreenthumb, Or DrG for short. I have been playing for say six or seven years and currently I chief the clan Forever in the server Rosmerta. Never have I taken a break from this game for more than a week. I jokingly brag to some people that I've been the most consecutive player in the server. Whether that stand true or not. That is roughly Six years of my life that I have been involved and to be honest, even if I contemplate quitting this game at times. In the right mind, I have no intent to quit. Instead I really just want to put my full support into this game. When I say how long I have been playing this game, and consistently. I know I'm far from alone on this. There is a fairly large consistent player base that has been playing from the first, second year, or whatever year they started. If not, many take a break, and then are drawn to return. Whether availability makes that possible again, or they simply miss their friends.

Thank you Schwing, and everyone else involved in maintaining or enhancing Celtic Heroes. You have all worked so hard to keep our player base happy, with fresh content, Updating graphics, listening to your player base, being attentive, as well as responsive, and much more. This post was meant to be made when the game began to crash for the majority of the player base. So you all would know you have our support, and trust. But better late than never. :mrgreen:

I am so grateful for the game you have all worked to put together. Giving us the opportunity to meet some amazing friends, in which we hold dear to us. Some people I have met in Celtic Heroes, are some of my favorite people in this world. Many of the others I met, I respect greatly and enjoy their company. Not just that but I have had a lot of fun playing these last six years. Some thrilling and passionate moments. So many smiles and laughter had here. As well as other emotions to be had. :ugeek:

What I want to see, is more support from our player base to the Administration of Celtic heroes, and the Community of Celtic Heroes. It must take a lot to do what you do, and you also need a profit. Or else its sadly not worth while to run this game. Not only do I want to see the player base be more supportive, but go out of their way to show their thanks and gratitude. If we create a welcoming, comforting, and supportive environment in the community of Celtic Heroes. The entire game will enhance. The better each and every server does. The more money comes into the game. The more people pick up the game, and stick to the game. Then the Administration can put more into the game, while living comfortably. I have ideas ill share on another page in which come to mind about improving the games profits, publicity, and game play. But as a final statement, ill say, If you love Celtic Heroes, Do Not take the Administration for granted. Thank you all who read. If I'm not the first to do this or say this. Sorry for being late to the party. :ugeek: :mrgreen:
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Re: Thank You to The Administration of Celtic Heroes.

I think any company that can keep a MMO around for 7 1/2 years deserves a round of applause... and VR deserves a round of applause for keeping this game going after the fall of OTM... everyone feared that this game was done for, but VR proves us wrong and basically earned our trust.

This community is far from perfect as it’s split with different mind sets on how the game should be, but we all can agree on this post (except the haters/trolls that are most likely angry little children). Too bad there’s also a section of people that immediately call anyone who shows VR support a$$ kissers, because VR are all big bad evil dudes while they are crusaders.
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Re: Thank You to The Administration of Celtic Heroes.

The chieftain of my clan on Sulis has been playing constantly for the past 7+ years as well, and while he's one of the few Sulisians still highly active from back then, a lot of players tend to stick around for several years. It goes to show how good this game is, that it can keep people hooked for years at a time.

Celtic Heroes is not a perfect game...but there is no such thing. People will always have opinions on what could be improved or "fixed" to make the game better, which is great...but people tend to focus on those issues, while forgetting the best parts of the game – the community! There are several great MMOs out there, but I haven't come across any that have the same sense of small family-like community that CH does. It's one thing if you are part of a guild or clan of 50 or 100+ active people, but when you may only have 10-20, you really get to know each other better. Obviously a lot of that has to do with the community itself, but Support has helped as well, with being active at banning toxic players over the years and enforcing the rules when people try to break them.

CH has also gone great places. People may have different opinions about the directions that OTM decided to go (and will definitely have different opinions about where VR decides to go from here on out) but in spite of that, the game has definitely done a good job of progressing. Regardless of opinions of whether the game should have more horizontal or vertical content...what's important is that there has been pretty regular new content, and it's been implemented well for the most part.

So yes. Thank you to everyone at VR - Schwing, Difinitus, all the artists, designers and developers, everyone involved in Support...everyone I'm forgetting (sorry).

Thank you for everything you do, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what you have planned for the future.
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Re: Thank You to The Administration of Celtic Heroes.

+1 on the positivity.
And I gotta say, while I'm not the most "into" the game, I don't really plan on quitting it entirely any time soon; too many people and too many hours put into this little bit of fun :D

Thank you to any old staff (rip otm) who are reading this; you got this started and helped it get this far,
Thank you VR and current staff for picking up the baton and running with it; I really like where this game is going and anticipate more growth and improvement for the future.
Thank you community for being (generally) supportive and helpful; the community is a major driving force and I'm happy to be a part of it. and of course, thank you to all the haters, nay-sayers, morons, dipsticks, crap-talking bullies, sweet-talking scammers, and manipulative hackers who made us all aware of the issues existing in the game, and reminding us that it's never really going to be easy, but we all need the experience of dealing with crap so we know not to become crap; some people might call it karma, but you've made the game more efficient despite your best efforts.

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Re: Thank You to The Administration of Celtic Heroes.

Thank you for adding positive comments to this thread.

In addition to what was said above about a team of 50 possibly only being 10 to 20 people. Yes! Thats one of the things I tell my team all the time. It not like other games where you can write off a player, then never see them again in the game. This game forces you to play with the same players day in and day out on your server. So either get along with the people around you as best as possible, or be alone.... unfortunately.

Its truly a team effort and makes you more willing to work with certain peoples imperfections, to be a more successful team. Surely something that forces us to get to know each other better.
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