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Re: Pureness

Sly Shadows wrote:Bonus request if an admin wants to go above and beyond, delete every non related unhelpful post, make this 12 page topic go to 2 pages.

Yes most comments aren't providing directly to topic at hand, many of mine included (tho they were very much warranted).

Honestly, most of the arguments from both sides r more or less on the table at this point I believe. VR should come out with a statement to make it clear all sides r heard and understood. It could be as simple as "we hear the plight of those unable to attain DG with the current format and we may take that into account as we move forward depending on how long it takes us to implement our current agenda." Or "we hear the plight of those unable to attain DG, however the armor was made to be extremely rare on purpose. We do not see a need for any change to be implemented". Then we can all go about our business.

Re: Pureness

I read through most of it, yes there's some off-topic posts flying around, but the majority is the argument between dominant and non-dominant clans, which is something that should be available for VR to read in its entirety.

As some have said, this could break the game, OR be beneficial for both sides.

That being said, I will keep a sharper eye on the thread going forward.

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Re: Pureness

I sure hope VR goes through this thread and reads all the valid points brought up. DG does need reworking, there’s no doubt about it. If DG is really intended to be the way it is now then CG offhands would come from only BT, but since they don’t VR/OTM clearly had other things in mind and it’s time they go back and review Dg. It was simply lazily slapped onto raids and no thought was given to the future of Dg.

One could say “why can’t VR just make a new set of armor and leave dg alone? Why revisit old content?”. Well for one, Vr would never make armor like Dg again. I’m sure they’ll want to keep it unique. And two, dg is still relevant. If they were to make a new armor set it should be a direct upgrade from edl, but that’s for another topic.

We all already agreed it shouldn’t drop from bosses already ingame, so no need to go back to that point again. So let’s kick it back off on the suggestions brought up a few pages back
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Re: Pureness

Hey all,

First of all, I think there are a lot of good comments for both sides of this issue. The design team has already read through a lot of your comments, so thank you for everyone has contributed already. However, it is getting harder and harder to sift through the off-topic and banter. I think this post has run it's course.

Secondly, please remember to stay civil between each other even if someone disagrees with your point of view, or make things personal with snide comments about each other that has nothing to do with the topic on hand. I've already had to warn a few people about their behavior.

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