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Re: Congrats Crew and Nuada!

Taking an hour to set up for the first couple times? Sounds about right. In no time everyone starts falling into the positions and the raid leaders are able to delicate the set up too. What we tend to do in my position is have manly Taalia, our General organize Tank groups, then our other General Rune McRiley organize the vine team. On top of that, we have the most vocal basher of the bunch help organize bash group. In the mean time, I am counting dps, picking a support rogue, along with someone to count north root spawn. During that I am passing out bara, lix, and pots. As well as texting Individuals cell phones to log in. :ugeek: Raid set up time has dwindled down to roughly fifteen to thirty mins. As you would expect. The drag on is usually either waiting for more to log in or being sure everyone has pots.

Congratulations, and well done. :D

It makes me happy to see other servers succeed. The more each server succeeds, the more the game profits, and the better the game becomes overall.
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