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Re: Why bonus XP over the main Christmas holidays?

Apples-Bele wrote:
Eragon123 wrote:I mentioned this elsewhere, but it was a Christmas event. An event for Christmas. It makes sense to do it during Christmas. Yeah, it would have been better if it were a week earlier, but not everyone celebrates Christmas the same way. While some people may be busy for several days before Christmas, others may only have a small celebration on the day itself, with not much going on beforehand.

I thought it was an apology for the server and gameplay issues

You’re right, now that I go and look at the original post (my bad :? ) it was because of the issues during the last one.

My guess is that VR wanted to kill 2 birds with one stone...doing a second event as an apology, and also as a Christmas Event (since players don’t seem terribly thrilled with the Yule event).
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Re: Why bonus XP over the main Christmas holidays?

Elfylolz wrote:
SPLEND1D wrote:there are also people that do not celebrate Christmas :D

33% of the world is Christian then there's the people who aren't Christian who still celebrate it lol so yeah Christmas is a big deal

Well yes I’m not religious at all and I celebrate Christmas, and the truth is Most if the world celebrated Christmas or have a holiday a every year.
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