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Mord helm/DG aura

Not sure if it's been adressed by new company, maybe it has and I missed it.. but why wouldn't/ shouldn't mord helms work with DG aura? Saves pures for others and also ability to make sets faster, not much faster.. but every little bit helps.. if not sets just makes the process in general faster. If people choose to keep their helm instead of using the pures. Other routes could be changing the pure drop rate or drop amount from 1 to 2 but I assume that isnt going to happen.

Re: Mord helm/DG aura


They keep the edl aura so they do help save illusions. Those helms are old content dropping off a boss for level 180s and shouldn't work with armour that's for level 215+ end game players. It's about progressing and moving forward... not taking short cuts to get there.
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