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Lix stopping after a minute or so, and BIG Thanks!

I don't know if this is still a known unity problem or not. I hadn't used lix in a while so I didn't notice til last night, but several times I would use exp and wisdom lixs and they would suddenly wear off in a minute or so. It happened enough that I actually stopped and checked the lix in my pack that I had been using, thinking maybe somehow I was accidentally using a lesser version than typical. It was the regular, chest obtained 15 min version though. It happened a couple of times with combos also, but I only wasted a few of those trying to see if there was a consistent or random problem with them.

Also, the status bar still only shows 1 or occasionally 2 of the lixs you have active. Really annoying when you have to keep trying to use lix every so often to see if you already have it active or not.

Still, overall I'm amazed that you guys were able to fix so many huge problems so quickly. Thank you for all your hard work, and also for finding time to add 2 new fashion sets, a new pet, new random surprise weapons, fix long-standing problems, make it snow, and everything else you've done in such a short time!

Re: Lix stopping after a minute or so, and BIG Thanks!

Bit confused, is the issue that the lix is wearing off or that it the lix is disappearing on the display.

Also you may have more success posting in the bug and glitch sub-forum as the team that deals with fixing the glitches pays more attention there than they do in general discussion.
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