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Holiday Spices

Please remember to bring back the vendor with Holiday Spices with this year’s Yule event. Even if you need to add it with a patch now that Yule is already out. Last Yule, the player community was told that we only needed to stock up for a period of time. Holiday Spices should be back now that we are celebrating the holidays in the game.

This isn’t a thread about recipes. Please don’t derail it. This is about chefs needing Holiday Spices. Thanks and have a great day!

Re: Holiday Spices

+1 we were told they would be brought back.
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Re: Holiday Spices


I love the idea that they are once a year. Kind of cool.
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Re: Holiday Spices

I’m looking forward to cooking up some tasty treats for my friends, especially the chocolate MacLir line. I’ve been scrounging a few from people’s banks, but would much prefer to buy from vendor to prepare tasty seasonal treats for the Crom community.

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Re: Holiday Spices

Difinitus wrote:We'll add it in with the reset tonight.

Thank God you've actually done one thing Ive personally asked for. Why do otherworld legacies spawn less than carrowmore and murky. It isn't fair to medium sized clans with few endgame players that can't kill some 180+ 6 stars
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