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Re: Patch Notes: Version 3.3.1 (Dec. 17th, 2018)

Rasejnnn wrote:
These collection quests have been a thing in pretty much every Celtic Heroes event for the past 6+ years. Sometimes it's killing mobs that drop the items, sometimes it's directly picking the items up off the ground. It is frustrating for the first couple days, but usually within a week of the event ending, the interest starts to die down. Yeah, it's fashion only, but it's only for a limited time, so it's nice to get a couple neat hats to remember the event by.

There also are golden candles, they are just super rare ;) . By the way, I absolutely love your summary of this type of quest. I totally agree with it, but it still keeps people interested lol.

I just joied CH this past year and went on youtube to see videos on best ways to level up in fishing and ended up watching a video that was posted in 2013 of an Holloween event that looked amazing. I had my hopes up ever since seeing it and have now been through two major Holiday's and the events haven't been just disappointing, they have been flat out patheitic. It seems the creators have more interest in me spending $5 on the new Blue chest than making an exciting quest that if we are willing to battle through, the rewards could be awsome. Guess I was expecting more out of them since the game itself is amazing. It almost feels like the original creator was bought out or something and the new creator isn't a smart or as good than the one who created it. Think about it, a game where there is fighting, fishing, cooking, clans, multiple characters, awsome mobs, awsome quest, awsome weapons, genious skills, Fashions, mounts, cool looking worlds, etc, etc, etc.

Then we get the event...........................where we can win..........................wait for it...........................a crown!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????? Seriously?

I agree that there should be more spiders. However, it's a piece of fashion so it's not a deal breaker or doesn't improve the game if you don't get a certain color or don't want to participate. My complaint is that people are farming them to sell the candles so then you have to lock battle for these dumb candles in order not to buy them what you can get free in the game. Most events for a long time, there was a fashion event ala the crown quest like we have now and some sort of raid boss. Considering they're just now making the game stable enough to play for most people and still haven't fixed all the bugs, putting out a raid boss would just mean more bugs and those that still can't log wouldn't be able to participate. My other complaint about the crowns is that the color change on them is so minimal that you have to zoom in to see a difference between red and white. They should be a lot more distinguishable.

And a huge number of players complained that the game was basically stuck in releasing event bosses rather than having horizontal content. The fishing and cooking is okay but a lot don't want to spend their time fishing (I don't even like fishing in real life) or the time and huge amount of gold it takes to cook at the higher level. This means event raids get put on the back seat for a bit to get everything updated and more horizontal content.

That being said, I'm not sure this is the thread for the hat quest complaining.
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Re: Patch Notes: Version 3.3.1 (Dec. 17th, 2018)

DLoldplayer wrote:Same problem ever since the first update from month ago,no npcs/mobs/mailboxes ,all still invisible,flag on loading screen is pink,and all items are named "item name",quest say "quest****" with random numbers.....Guys,we've been trying to report this problem for a while now...Ppl done every possible old files clearing(deleting cache,data,cache of playstore,cache partition of device,even hard reset)then reinstalling and it had no effect,game is still the way it is.Please,this has been waited for over amonth,we had no reply,even multiple ppl said they have same issue.Please fix it.

same problem on my device too.
missing npc, mobs, mailbox,the pink flag on loading screen etc.
currently running on Micromax unite 2 A106. android 4.4.2.
this issue started happening from this snow update.
(game working fine on my other devices with Android 7 and 8 and 5)

Re: Patch Notes: Version 3.3.1 (Dec. 17th, 2018)

Rasejnnn wrote:I can honestly say if thats the case I would absolutely prefer them to continue the way they are now then. The content of the overall game is amazing. If thats how they got to where they are now then I retract my previous displeasure. I will just ignore the special events. Maybe get a crown are two and move on. It wouldn't hurt to at least make the prize a cool Charm or nice weapon or somthing that builds us up. Thats really all they would have to do to make it better. Thanks for your response.

Honestly, you should just collect the items to sell them, instead of getting the hats.

I made myself about 60k gold in... around 6-8 hours (not even knowing that the mobs in the catacombs drop more than one candle, I only farmed in lirs) by selling them 200g each (starting bet 5,000 buyout 10,000 for a stack of 50).

Of course Balor is not that populated so that helps, but I'm sure you can still make a good bunch of money with them on other servers.
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Re: Patch Notes: Version 3.3.1 (Dec. 17th, 2018)

DLoldplayer wrote:Holiday season, so I understand might of been paused, but hopefully something is being done about the invisible bug problem, still no news or feedbacks

Yeah VR absolutely sucks at reading through and responding to their forums. Practically a user ran website, any feedback that's left is ignored unless in the bug section.
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