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Re: overpricing

What we should be complaining about is just how much crap got crammed into chests. Since the introduction of fashion tokens, charm tokens ( then both again with effects) aeon etc (also ones added with effects) all crammed into the same chest, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of items added into chests since 2015 that dilute the desired rewards vast majority of players seek. I liked how in 2014 and before fashion and consumables were one chest, then consumables and mounts were another. There was great control then! Auroral chest days were like the last of the last fairly balanced chests then they just took a biiiiig tank.

These tokens for real tho... people favor only 2 of the 7 sets created. Otm scored a 28.5% on fashion tokens and faaar less on charm tokens but vr is still feeding the unfathomable to us. Now they are scared to discontinue items cuz ppl complaining over priced this that the other and now, instead, are leaving past fashions in it seems. Like demon heart still accessible in chests etc. next chests will have demon heart, oni and what ever else they cram in there. Then u paying 50k for your chests lol.

Now that you put actual fashion back into chests, tokens need to be obtainable some other way vr.

Re: overpricing

aftermath wrote:Does epona complain they have to spend 30 million for a dg bp where as we get it for just the cost of a handful of lixes and time spent on raids?

I find it ignorant that you would even compare time with a price

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Re: overpricing

I find it ignorant that you would even compare time with a price[/quote]

I find it ignorant that you think It doesn't take time to acquire 30mil gold

anyways an easy way to get doch gul on epona is to play a Dom server acquire gear sell it off and transfer to epona and buy it
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Re: overpricing

SPLEND1D wrote:
Mdunc1982 wrote:
SPLEND1D wrote:it happens when player base is halved and rarely anyone spends bucks on the game any longer

That's part of it but remember their are new players that spend quite a bit as well.

I bet CH profit fell down by 60% comparing it to 3 years ago

Possibly, I know I barely spend any money because I never get anything good when I open. Bit when I sell my chests to a friend they get 2 eggs at a time. 1 out 30 chests I sold him and I opened 50 and only thing good I got was unleashed oni pants worth 300-700k depending on server while the eggs are worth 2-4 mil. just not worth my money tbh. Unless I'm just really bored and have some extra cash I refuse to buy anything.
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