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Faction reset book?

Any idea on if or when we will see these? I know im not alone when i say changing factions is long and boring and theres not enough lich mobs.
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Re: Faction reset book?

If this affiliates chests in any way then -1

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Re: Faction reset book?

I wouldnt mind seeing his idea implemented. I could see it both ways as to being in chests as like a 1/10 chance or something, not TOO common. Although back to my opinion on the idea, +100. Im still struggling to get my tank to t4 lich favorness (yah im slow, i know) but im waiting around for just 5*s only since im tank. If i wanted to change, id have to spend months killing liches very slowly.
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Re: Faction reset book?

I'd say -1. It's supposed to be really hard to change factions. If this was implemented, they may as well change xp elixirs to give x4 ability points as well, and just completely take the challenge out of it.
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