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Re: Christmas update?

Warsong wrote:
Sgt slotter wrote:
Warsong wrote:This is far from true :lol:
My clan kills mordi in UNDER 10 minutes with the lag. :lol:

Me for fifteen minutes lastnight...

I think i managed to cast shatter ONCE. I'm glad your entire clan has no issues unlike us commoners though, gj...

Not what I was saying but okay lol. A lot of us lag but not to the point where mordi is going to rage or even cost more then 1 lix.

Boy that sounds about as disconnected from reality as the democratic party! This shiznit is broke, period.

Re: Christmas update?

-1 to a Christmas update (an addition to the lag issue we have now is the last thing we all want) but if there's anything worthwhile waiting after all the lag is fixed then that would be worth giving up a Christmas event.

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Re: Christmas update?

If we do, and I mean after the mess is fixed and stable for all, please do not cover the ground in a blanket of snow. Switch it up and add some snow patches here and there, make window sills and braches have some snow. Give a light snowfall effect in zones with snow (other areas besides lirs can have snow too), if possible make it a random effect not constant. The same old blinding blanket of snow is boring to see and not that cool. Could even go as far as to add random snow sculptures here and there (or even mobs that are covered in snow, special of course).

Just make it different and special. No point in repeating the same old same old, turn over a new leaf!
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Re: Christmas update?

I also agree that the newest update has caused too many problems that need to be fixed before another update comes along. All these glitches should be fixed before any updates are brought up. But I hope that is soon... because I want to see some snow, too. Lol. But I'm not getting my hopes up... ,-,

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Re: Christmas update?

100% agree, this year all I want for Christmas is you... (not that’s a song) I want stability please nothing more thank you.

A chest event would npbe ok because that wouldn’t hurt the world :)
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