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Revised drops

Can vr please specifiy what exactly was changed, we have killed many prots now and drops been garbage ( prime and base)

Although the past 2 geles dropped a weapon idk if the chances were increased on those or we got lucky

But prots still need a rework on drops still garbage prime shouldnt drop 2 mightys shud have atleast royal + for one drop imo

Same with gele have atleast one royal or imp+

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Re: Revised drops

Another Prime another pile of trash (mighty, mighty, legends).

Make these bosses worthwhile attending. Those drops are tolerable for Base, Prime should be significantly better since it’s much tougher. Adding one more poop to 2 poops just makes it a bigger poop.
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Re: Revised drops

We’d heard that some servers had gotten an extra drop from Gele, so a total of 6 drops. We’ve continued to get 5 post update. Last one was Dark Blade, Mighty, Mighty, Legends, Pureness. Just checking the validity of their statements of a drop being added to gele?

Re: Revised drops

From what I seen and heard from other servers is there is now a guaranteed weapon drop from Gele now.

In terms of Tier drops, on our server we have been getting a bunch of pretty good items from Prime, Base, Gele, and even Necro (although that one might just be a coincidence lol)

Items such as a shadow dagger, royal Mage ring, imp Prot ring, Royal Attack brace, bunch of Pures, have all been dropped since the Unity Updates.

Only time will tell if it’s just because of RNG or actual revised drop rates.

Edit: Only been getting 3 gear items and not 4.

Re: Revised drops

Certainly cant speak for all servers but on epona its been raining pures from prot. We have recieved more pures than we have class based conflux aince the update.

As for gele we have again got nice drops. A weap from every kill including a shadow celestial axe and also an imperial fire bolt ring.

Last BT we got an imperial dagger ring.

Epona has definately apreciated the drop buffs that VR changed. Perhaps a few servers just had unlucky RNG
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