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Re: New item drop locations

Tgrizle wrote:
Jake wrote:
Bowmasterr Epona wrote:Have URSA bracelets even been added to the game?

My guess for the Ursa braces was that little hidden beach in Stonevale, a little past the boar pit. Theres 2 baby bears and a 4* there.
I must have cleared it thousands of times times by now, and got nothing so far :(

Yeah I can’t see a low level bear dropping a stat bracer in stonevale, it would make sense if it was a bear being that Ursa Major and Ursa Minor are bear constellations. The only place I know of that drops bracers with similar stats are wyverns in ow, but why would wyverns have a bear fishing bracer? Than again why do wyverns drop any bracer? And Carrow 4 stars. Those are similar to the stats of the Ursa bracer, than again it could be a drop in ow from a rippled, seeing how they absolutely screwed up the fishing in ow with way too much light and water that looks like stone, you can’t see the ripples so maybe that’s the trick fish blindly in ow till you get the bracer. Lol

About the chaos aura was wrong

Re: New item drop locations

xXzeemXx wrote:At this point I would honestly just kill everything that is 5*.
adds, floor quests, normal mobs. Everything lol. Key thing here seems to be 5*.

Except the eye of unox that drops regen/nirvana weapons is a 3* :(

PM me and I will do my best to help you with whatever you need.

Re: New item drop locations

Apparently VR is lying... they say:

"New rare mobs have invaded Dal Riata, these mobs can drop unique new loots.
These new rare spawns have a chance to appear when you kill specific mobs in the game. They are slighter bigger (and tougher) versions of the originals."

Mobs are not new... they are not bigger then the originals... Something's rotten in the state of VR
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