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Re: Thank you for the loot adjustments

Banzai416 wrote:No 4th drop on danu, our gele is bugged and drops 2 same rings, we got 2 mighty natures breaths last time... yay..

^ and the one before that one gave two majestic qs lol I'm hoping it's just a coincidence.
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Re: Thank you for the loot adjustments

SPLEND1D wrote:there are no 4 drops in Fingal as well. It's a joke obviously. mighty and majestic all year long baby. nicely revised drop rates VR :D I think you actually did nothing regarding drop rates, you just write it in a patch notes so ppl have higher hopes :/

They said revised. We don't know if increased of decreased. And by how much ?

Re: Thank you for the loot adjustments

We don’t have 4 drops - sorry. I legit mistook a ring in my inventory for a drop. We have recieved a weapon on each gele kill has anyone else had similar luck?
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