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Re: Issues with the Unity Update? CLICK ME!

At the time of writing yesterday I had not realised there had been another fix implemented that same morning, as the last update I had read suggested a fix for the memory issues would be put in place in the next few weeks. Therefore I had not expected, nor checked, for such an expedient update and had only been referring to the first fix. Logging into the forum only to report my experience the previous day.

Since discovering the new fix and downloading the application again, I can confirm the game is now a lot more stable on my iPod Touch 6, with only occasional crashing estimated.

The game still crashes here and there but does allow for periods of uninterrupted play, though it is difficult to estimate frequency of crashes now (would guess that it crashed randomly around 2-4 times over a two hour period of play).

Many thanks, Magustra.

Re: Issues with the Unity Update? CLICK ME!

Game chugs to a freeze for differing periods of time whenever myself or someone near me dies. Length of freeze seems to differ based on zone and how many mobs attacking.

Also, can we fix this water in Otherworld? No matter what settings I choose, even at max everything, the water looks like this and I cant even see the ripples at all.

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Re: Issues with the Unity Update? CLICK ME!

Iphone 8+ is terrably overheating again. Screen goes dark because of so much overheating. Happens even with graphics turned all the way down. Tried turning them down then up again and that no longer works to lessen the problem.
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