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Re: Issues with the Unity Update? CLICK ME!

When the update first came out I was able to log but it was really laggy and maybe crashed ever 15-30 mins. But as soon as I updated too 12.1 iOS I could log on and move a little bit then crash in a period of 10-45 seconds. Also when I switched ley it would crash automatically. But after the last two reset I could launch the game and view login screen/character screen but once u login to the game it would load for like 10-20 second then crash, so I don’t make it pass the login loading screen.

On iOS 12.1 6th gen iPod

Re: Issues with the Unity Update? CLICK ME!

Device: iPod touch 6.

Unnecessarily dramatic description of issue: This isn't just 'feeding Gizmo after midnight' bad, this is 'Oh no, the gremlins got into the bleedin swimming pool' bad.

Actual description of issue: Couldn't log before the recent soft-fix. Post-fix, the game loads, but crashes 2-5 seconds after loading.

On a side note, I appreciate that a few may have voiced their frustration at this update in an excitable fashion, but I think it should also be taken as a compliment to the makers, in addition to a criticism, that some would feel so passionate about their product.

Re: Issues with the Unity Update? CLICK ME!

I've just download today's update (Saturday, Nov 24) and at first it seemed much better, but then when we started gathering for Mordy, lag returned, several clannies game crashed, and others , myself included, just froze in place. I waited, and remained frozen for 10 min before logging out. I don't know what all devices my clanmates use, but all who tried to come to mordy had problems, my device is Samsung Galaxy S6, thank you
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