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Re: Issues with the Unity Update? CLICK ME!



Hi, hope you could help out, im playing this game for 3 years, haven't had any problems with previous updates, lag is visible, but not the issue I have, my issue is like u can see on pictures, mailboxes/bank/auction house/any other npc/mobs aren't visible or clickable, when I enter the aggro range of mobs, they do atk, but still they are invisible and can't be clicked on, also, all items and items description aren't visible either.
Reinstalling game and lowering graphics to min didn't help.
Device I'm using: Lenovo tablet A3500-FL

Fix The Server Wide Lag Issue

Celtic Heroes Got a HUGE lag issue after the update, I dont know if its the unity update or the Global arena, Please do something about this, Also i crash cause its so laggy, My new iphone doesent even open it, it just crashes... my ipad opens it but after 20 minutes it crashes, PLEASE FIX IT ITS TOP PRIORITY RIGHT NOW
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