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Patch Notes - Unity 2018 Update

Patch notes for the Unity 2018 Update to Celtic Heroes.

Character creation:
  • Creation Creation Page has been improved.
  • Added new hairstyles and faces.

  • A rift between worlds has mysteriously opened in the Farcrag Castle Arena! Players may now encounter adventurers from other worlds!
  • The tutorial has been updated to better introduce adventurers to Dal Riata.
  • New intro sequence has been added.
  • Starting armor sets received a new look.
  • Auto-targeting option has been added.

  • Added a new Pheonix pet: Bonuses to Fortitude, Warding, Focus, and Vitality. The Pheonix's Fire Breath reduces enemy resistances based on which variation you have.
  • Added a new War Tiger mount: Bonuses to Strength, Focus, Evasions and Movement Speed. The War Tiger's Roar inflicts slashing damages to enemies in a small area.
  • Added a new tier for all mounts - Turn your mount ethereal with the Spirit tier.
  • Added two new fashion sets - Oni & Unleased Oni with a new, unique flair for wearing the complete set.
  • Added new premium chest - Thunder God Mystery Chest.

Mobs & NPCs:
  • New rare mobs have invaded Dal Riata, these mobs can drop unique new loots.
  • These new rare spawns have a chance to appear when you kill specific mobs in the game. They are slighter bigger (and tougher) versions of the originals.
  • The Gladiators have been moved from the Arena to Farcrag Castle.
  • Gelebron has some revised drop rates.
  • Bloodthorn has some revised drop rates and tuned HP.
  • Proteus Base and Proteus Prime have some revised drop rates.

  • Updated game engine to Unity 2018.
  • Support for the newest generation of mobile devices.
  • Improved performance on some devices.
  • Sharper visuals and improved textures.
  • Rebuilt all environments.
  • Improved push notification system.
  • Offerwall fixes to Fyber and Ironsource.

  • Fixed bugs relating to login.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some players from linking account to Facebook
  • Fixed game crash on title scene for some devices
  • Fixed lots of graphical glitches
  • Fixed some bugs in the Global Arena
  • Fixed several item descriptions.

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