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Re: Are there any plans on making the CG LUX tradeable ?

Zyz wrote:Better solution would be to just make new lux that's level 220 that's slightly better than the stuff you can buy in tower.

Still doesn't change the fact I paid hundreds of thousands of gold and can't even get half price at a vendor. Not disagreeing but paying 500k+ for something that is useless in a few months is a joke
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Re: Are there any plans on making the CG LUX tradeable ?

Eragon123 wrote:
ImMinecraftMike wrote:If it has to be down to what you earned faction wise why is it some much gold to buy.
If it is none trade and only faction required it should be a quest reward.
If you have to pay so much for it, then it should be trade like all the other lux.

I had lv 4 in one faction and after a long long time I changed and now have level 4 in the other one. All that grinding and I still have to buy it.

I go to any other lux shop I expect premium prices because there is no grind and I can sell it on at 75%

Well, you actually have to grind to get to those lux shops too. Though getting to T4 faction is a bit easier than getting to lvl 150/180/200 imo.

I agree that the items should at least be able to be sold back to the shop. The downside of making the gear tradeable and having a level req would be that you can only use one type of faction lux at a time (is my assumption). For example, a bracelet has T4 Reaver requirement...if you decided to switch factions later on, it would become unequippable. I suppose VR may be able to make it universally level required...either T4 Reaver or Lich.

The main downside to making the gear tradeable is that it would pretty much defeat the entire purpose of selecting a faction, which I personally don't think VR will go for. The idea is that you pick a faction, work to grow your reputation with the faction, and can unlock the ability to purchase cool gear specific to that faction. Then if you decided you wanted to change factions at a later date...it's twice as hard, but still doable. Yes, it would be nice if the gear was free rewards for completing quests....though that's the case with absolutely anything in the game lol. It'd also be nice if I was able to get a level 200 offhand weapon for free as a reward for grinding my character up to 200.

I for one am not happy at all that the items can't be sold to a shop. Not being able to trade is one thing but whoever thought no vendor selling was a good idea clearly doesn't have the customers interest in mind. It's now gonna be a useless item that I can get no value out of.
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