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Re: Those of Us Left

Everything wrote:Nymeria, Shivahh, Eragon and Deadstrike I'm glad you guys are still around. Hadn't seen y'all post much lately so wasn't sure. Thanks for checking in!

@Eragon, Ah yeah, I'd forgottten about the Beta. Lot's of people must be absorbed in that.

Even if I don't know all of you personally there's a bit of hapiness in seeing people I've "known" on the forums for the last few years.

Anybody else out there?

Hai :D Im not 2014 old but im still alive ;-;
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Re: Those of Us Left

I don't post much these days unless there's a topic that I feel really deserves my input or developer's attention. As it should be IMO. People use more practical means of keeping in touch with the community such as multi-server Line/Band groups. Besides taking an easier and modernized approach to communication, it also allows people to speak their minds a little more freely without the Mods and wanna-be Mods constantly breathing down your neck. Needless to say, I'm sure general forum activity will pick back up after Unity.
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Re: Those of Us Left

I’m still here from 2011. This account is from Jan 2012 though. I forgot my other forums account when I made this lol.

BUT I agree forums is pretty dead. Most are participating in beta forums. I imagine it’ll liven itself up once update hits. It’s a pretty big update it seems so a lot of new stuff. No new maps though. Just a big remake of old ones. New global cross server arena. Stuff like that.
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Re: Those of Us Left

I agree that corrupted gardens turned out a bit strange. It's cool, just not what I expected. Thought it would be a new big zone where every1 would be spending a lot of time. It's kinda like you go there, take care of your business and return to the other zones. It's not the best place to hunt and just roam. It's built like a square. It's cool but was dissapointing imo. And regardless of unity update. This game hasn't really done anything for a long while, and after waiting that long for corrupted only to be slightly disappointed. Regardless of everything, the game can't even easily put out dinky seasonal updates. I don't wanna hear it's a small team. It used to be a great game. It still is. Just for me sadly I see no reason to buy platinum to support it. Seasonal events should just happen every season, along with awesome content updates, with new features, monsters, items and maps. This is one of my favorite games ever. It's just I've played the heck out of it and there is little to no new content always, and it's always something. Regardless of what they do in the future, you can only change the look of the chests, add a jackpot pet, or change the color of something so many times and call it a new item. Do something new for christ sake

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