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Re: Damage Flux Solved(Test)

Crickets .......

Well I thought it was cool anyway :)
What was the 95 percentiles of those hits incidentally? Where would you expect all but 5 % of the hit range to be ?

As a druid i always wanted to know whether there would be a statistically significant improvement in lightning etc with natural focus from a lvl6 hare running, as opposed to not. Also if dot was affected, i seem to get better critical rate nearly always in the last 2 ticks of a cast duration. (Maybe anecdotal though). But i dont have the dedication or patience for thing as cool as those you do.
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Re: Damage Flux Solved(Test)

dawnrazor wrote:P.s. what does RNG stand for ?

Random Number Generator. Anything that fluctuates in game is based on a RNG.
(this is why people say that luck is gotten from the RNGenie or RNGesius)

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