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Re: Thursdays Server Reset

Schwing wrote:
Lucerin wrote:
Ever heard of EverQuest? Ever heard of World of Warcraft?

Have you ever played them? It doesn’t sound like it. Any idea how long it took to get your full raid in tier 2? Want to know how much loot we just trashed because we got our 19th Rogue chest and only 1 Mage in that time? Want to guess how many months it took for a Neltharions Tear to drop for our guild (my buddy’s guild got one on his first kill, I was pissed, Swee I can relate.)? Let’s not even get into tier 3 which even if you could complete the raid,which most couldn’t, barely anyone killed it enough to get a full set, how about Atiesh? ...and Everquest has even more scarcity.

Now sure you could argue WoW has moved on, but that’s not the game we want to make...and it’s not the game you want to play or you’d be playing any one of the dumbed down auto running, auto questing options out there instead.

On the reasoning for the change, the quest was broken, it was obviously broken, we let it go for a while to give you folks a break but it was never going to be allowed to stay like that forever.

I agree it’s why I enjoy bt so much the raid is so challenging and fun, the satisfaction when a godly drop drops is why I play this game, ofcourse if that godly drop gets banked because it’s uselsss it puts people off , “100 kills for this? Why did we ever waste our time”, the thing with bt helms is that royal has the drop rate of a normal godly item but isn’t that much stronger from dg helm, and some items are completely useless , all I would really ask is for variety in gear to use from bosses and to have more bosses.

Ofcourse we haven’t given vr a chance to fix some major problems, so I’m highly optimistic for what’s to come after unity update.


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