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Re: The BEST Dragon

Magic is the best cause it is purple. All others are inferior
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Re: The BEST Dragon

Gustafmax wrote:Maybe the question should be: are dragons reeally worth the 12 million they cost? My eagle has more focus and gives me some helpful damage. Sure the dragon is cool but is it really all that good?

Would only recommend dragons if you're end game and have spent your gold on the best possible gear upgrades. Deciding on the dragon pet in a server like Epona, where your gold is more valuable because quest gear can be bought is more trickier and you'd need to weigh your options.

Gold isn't that hard to amass anyways. The majority of end game players can also afford to dish out 12m because they can make a couple mil through farming/merching weekly, and in a waiting game like CH that amounts to barely any effort.

As to OP, the best dragon is either fire or ice since these lures will be more common. Would not go with magic as it is a less common lure, or poison, since Mord/Hrung are being phased out slowly and if you ever have to use the more effective off tanking strategy at Bloodthorn it will render your poison damage useless.
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Re: The BEST Dragon

Froze wrote:A favorite Dragon seems to be ICE dragons.

If you’re a Mage, I would suggest getting the dragon that corresponds to your Lure (Fire Lure = FIRE Dragon, Ice Lure = ICE Dragon)

If you’re a druid, using the MAGIC Dragon seems to be a good combo along with the Tier 8 Offhand Magic Lure.

Most people seem to use ICE dragons just because some higher EDL have weaknesses for ice, while some lower EDL have weaknesses for Fire.

POISON dragons seems very effective in Carrowmore Tunnels and especially effective against Voltroot :? Although Poison lures don’t exist (yet) and raid bosses would have higher resists for poison, rather than if you had a ICE or FIRE dragon with bosses having lower fire or ice resistances with lures.

I have chosen the wrong dragon for my fire mage then :(
I have a level 6 Poison Dragon... (Green)... and there is no way that I can replace it.... except buying another 6 dragons again. but that's a No No. :(
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Re: The BEST Dragon

Dragon skills are meh for dps.-. In the end with a maxed out lure it’s pretty much all the same, I got mine mainly for the stats
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